"Downriver" begins beside the contest of the Hopnegs, bantam 3-inch tall-growing people, who similar to Humans are agile but horror Human machines as "demons". One of these "demons" lives up to its laurels when it runs over and done with and unreservedly destroys the habitation of the Hopneg, Popey. He almost not escapes beside his duration in his pajamas, and the scarcity of bits and pieces turns him into a Punk, or a Hopneg short the charming of relation. Seeking to put on alert the population of his proximate village, he travels to the village to speak his communication to its leader, Rouger. After delivering his message, Rouger, decides supported on the teachings of the Book, to push the total rural community to a different situation. Popey and other Hopneg, Rod, gather together the municipality to cut down the "demon" by putting neighbourhood into its gas. But this fails as the Humans simply take out the grass. Having failed, the Hopnegs know that they essential go upriver, distant from the "Giants". Popey, however, decides to go downstream in his pursuit to find practice of the Humans and their cryptic artifice. Not far into Popey's trail, he is met by a Traveler named Shajee who is knowledgeable in the way of the global and the Humans. For instance, Shajee not solely knows things going on for the physiological Human planetary and how to get circa in it, he besides has an penetration of Human science which, in my opinion, is in a way a little finer than our penetration. As they flight through the Human cities, Popey and you, the reader, get a new perspective on these "Giants", or Humans who do everything bigger than themselves.

"Downriver" is for ages 12 and up, peculiarly those who liked the "Borrowers" scrap book array. Erik Hare's handwriting panache is new and unique, and refreshingly varied. He gives lifelike descriptions of trustworthy aspects of some the physiologic and face-to-face suasion that set the intention in a way unlike any otherwise. Gradually, I became captivated in the anecdote. "Downriver" is an interesting, humorous and insightful scrap book that will be enjoyed by many.

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