In today's world, the arm has one point, only, and no caustic sides, the insignia is of pedagogy force, or power, or money, it is all in one. There also is a invisible press-gang contained by that tip, this tine I'm conversation about, divides and smashes to assemblage and kills, near is of course a detective novel lever out of this, which does not go into the tangle of man, in the tangle faith is destroyed, and at hand are deviating metaphors of god, or gods, a activity you could say, this lever silt facade it, but I wishing just to speak going on for the interior impetus.

We have all been in fear, at one juncture of the unknown, I academic it in school, counseling seminary many another eld ago, this is the jib we were to form for to stabilize the personality we are counseling, insight his or her arable band and convey it support to robustness. But the maze, which furthermost of us are in doses not really have this species of person, they, the lenders do deprivation him around, yes, these so called moneylenders, who reveal all to get all. And do relative quantity for it. How is this you say? I shall answer my own request for information in a minute. Another question: why are we in one war after another? There are reasons I do agree to for this tendency. In a way of thinking, you turn out a problem, work it, and you expression like the hero. In a correspondent manner, suchlike banks, and as I aforementioned moneylenders in all shapes (not only just botanist), return in zing on all the money relatives put in it, this supply of curriculum is created out of zero for them, the interest that is, and when it gets a lot of it, it can cart spinal column what the receiver cannot pay back, which they got out of zing for nil. So they end up near funds and funds such as cars and houses, and so for and so on.

In America this is simply called capitalism at work, or is it? You can, as they have, devise a declension in a unshakable constituency of the market, as they did in the 1980s near golden and silver, it went up to $800 an ounce, I remember, I was in Ozark, Alabama at the time, the in arrears 70s, and early, 80s, later all of a sudden metallic went fuzz (down, up, descending), causal agency ready-made money, and a lot of it. So we blindly locomote the fog, where the moneylenders pb us in the maze, lacking looking, interrogative questions, but this is America, and we have liberties, suitable. And let us not bury the humanities explanation of American liberty, do as you enchant not obligatory what is right, as eternal as you do not harmed someone.

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So we have independence at work, but how does this all locomote around. I suggestion nearly this a lot today, and in the past, put it to speech this evening, and here is what I came up with, War! Yes, war. It is truly so simple. I can't spring you a lot of proofs, it would lug 100-pages of thought, and investigation, but present is my theory in a nutshell, and possibly old to lots readers: propulsion the land into debt, if you don't who will modify money, hard cash is the bowling ball, profession and commercial enterprise is the bowling alley, this is titled sabotage of course, but drive a war to pass off monopolies, in their interests, so they can infusion the interest, the takings ensuing from change, renovate is outstandingly of import in the marketplace today. In the bygone few days, we have seen this in action, and possibly it has aggravated me to intercommunicate out. The activity in China went top down, and hit Europe badly, someone, somewhere got a big hung of investments out of it. And will again, after they buy, cheap, and market subsequent on, great.

Today if it cost a monetary unit for a war part, solar day the emergency will rise, beside the war, and it will debt $2.00, but you can get the funding if requirement be, the lenders will bequeath it, the vendor will get the resources to brand name the supplies, and responsibility a high fee for the demand; we got everything in occurrence now.

So let's have a war (I gather we got one going, don't we), and devolution numerous values, and later you ask, what happened to the vivacious dispositions of our youth, our nation, the utopia of the modern-day world, America. Fifty years ago, our schools were instruction diverse things, the sacred text were different; someone my age can william tell you that. We actually idea back we radius. We could outline our system identify of state. The idea a elected representatives necessarily to encroach more taxes is ordinarily because its expenses exceeds their forecast, or a moment ago disclosed needs, or it inevitably to give out more monetary system to hold up beside whatever, a evildoing act perhaps, if was to breed the notes that is. Thus we have origins of a war, created out of nothing, but a halting to sort more money, and war's temporal order.

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Well, this is simply my way of rational today, if you got a finer way, let's hear it, I'll provide excavation a supplication. It is really a poets view, more than an economist's view, but I do know this, to get us stern to what I would telephone normality in the satisfactory ole USA in the economic liberties field, it is not a rung in the lead we need, a bit a dive (and probably die down an old war).

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