Asset good hands is the theory of protecting and preserving one's assets from frivolous, illogical, ill-motivated, and more oftentimes than not, crushing harmful claims against your wealth, planned to bomb your live and future day life style. In short, they poorness what you've got and they poorness to impose outside dull pain.


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1. To formulate the enforcement of judgments hostile your shielded principal virtually impossible, and
2. To allow the "owner" of cosy principal to contain engineered "control" complete his assets


According the U.S Secret Service, identity larceny is the fastest budding monetary evildoing in America (source: the U.S. Secret Service). There are virtually hundreds of ways to screen your investment. Some are purely prevailing denotation. Don't flash your hoard around; don't yak too such at parties, etc.

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By implementing a decent crafted venture custody plan, your creditor will have to leap through respective hoops, previously he even finds your investments. Contingent-fee professional person of what I similar to ring predators will privation an easier reference point. So those that do zilch to pamper their individuality and their principal are confident targets.

There are roughly 950,000 lawyers. Just go finished your own sickly pages. Most of them subsist on what they can apply pressure out of you. Just don't get a datum. Learn from other people's mistakes. There are literally thousands of cases both well-known and not so notable individuals who have scholarly this the intricate way. Learn how to go all contingency-fee lawyer's incubus.


The Internet is spyware on steroids and can be utilised as out of sight wealthiness snatchers. Information collected works just about you, your associates, your family, your money matters has been compromised by the fortification of aggregation conference practical application through the net. Even if you suggest you have zilch to cover up your really rudimentary secrecy can be sold for a few dollars. If you force out for "background bank check services" on Google, Yahoo or MSN you'll see what I plan.

How "paranoid" are you? How "paranoid" should you be? The problem is not the merchants aggregation information roughly speaking your defrayment behaviour. The snag is who's assembling the accumulation in need your knowledge and for what intention are they collecting this semiprivate information?


- Protect your up-to-date and impending modus vivendi - Discourage legal proceeding and back up settlements, in your kindness - Keep the relation of your funds clandestine and complicated to insight - Eliminate the want of antenuptial agreements - Internationalize your hoard as a fencing in opposition the without warning surprises - Spread out your dependability complete your peak precious money - Help you in getting a new start, if you ever became belly-up in any of your other than resources - Hedge in opposition latent political, economic, and face-to-face instability


1. What are your commercial enterprise goals? 2. Think roughly speaking each of your individualised/business wealth that you status or decision to defend 3. Will here be reclaimed and/or international dais(s)? 4. Select the lawful entities:

- Ultra Trust®

- Medallion Trust®

- Vertext Trust ®

- Limited Liability Company (LLC)

- Or Foreign Entities specified as:

1. Foreign Limited Liability Company (FLLC)

2. Foreign Bank Account

3. International Business Company (IBC)

4. Foreign Asset Protection Trust

5. Foreign Security Trust


1. Your fiscal goals should be:

i. Asset sanctuary and opulence preservation

ii. Defer your Capital Gains Taxes

iii. Defer, drop off and perhaps eliminate your Income Taxes.

iv. Eliminate "Probate Jail" and Eliminate ALL your Inheritance Taxes (i.e. Estate Taxes)

2. Determine your personalised and/or firm funds which may include:

- Personal residence

- Personal checking

- Certificates of deposits

- Investment accounts

- Broker old-hat accounts

- Other factual Estate

- Life protection argumentation(ies)

- Automobiles, boats, planes, collectibles, antiques

- Individual position details(s)

- Inheritance #1, Inheritance #2

- Business #1

- Cash, Accounts receivable, Inventory Equipment, Goodwill, Other assets

- Business #2

- Partnership zing #1

- Partnership zest #2

Note: Same planning applies for all of your conglomerate assets

3. What are your monetary goals:

- Domestic and/or Foreign (International) outlay protection and lavishness preservation

- Your fiscal content(s) of the merely said. These could be in :

i. Protecting what wealth and how do you craving to mummify your privileged circumstances. In different words, what true goals do you want for protecting your assets? There are a infinite of distance of accomplishing your venture good hands goals depending in the main on your priorities. These can switch over and done with example as recovered and peak ofttimes do coppers.

ii. Reducing your capital gains tax

iii. Defer, trim or stamp out your yield tax

iv. Eliminate the credentials function and property taxes

4. Domestic Platform(s):

- Irrevocable Trust or Revocable Trust

- Grantor Trust or Non-grantor Trust

- Living Trust

- Insurance Trust

- Personal Residence Trust

- *Ultra Trust®

- *Medallion Trust®

- *Vertext Trust ®

- Corporation

- General Partnership

- Limited Partnership

- Family Limited Partnership

- *Limited Liability Company (LLC)

- *Family Limited Liability Company (FLLC)

- *Customized Hybrids, i.e. LLC, Family LLC, Limited Partnership, Family Limited Partnership or General Parntership is in hand by an UltraTrust®

* = My in structures

5. Foreign Platform(s)1 (please publication entry - 1):

- Foreign Bank Account

- International Business Company

- Foreign Asset Protection Trust

- Foreign Security Trust

- Foreign Limited Liability Company (FAPT)

- Offshore Uni Trusts

- Offshore Mutual Fund

- International Trading Company

- Multi-Currency Bank Deposits

- Swiss Annuities

- Foreign Credit Card

- Foreign Stock Trading Account

- Registered Foreign Office

- Registered Foreign Sales Facilities

I always land use "Good" readying NOT "Secrecy." Rely on "Law" NOT "Secrecy." What I be a sign of is that one of your goals is to use supplied speech act near the IRS. There is nought informal concerning the protective of your funds and exploitation prudent richness upkeep strategies.

1**Watch out for Foreign and Offshore Scams & Practitioners**

There's a booming industry of "offshore practitioners" advising IRS explanation of "U.S. Person" to machination offshore sandbank accounts and other trade and industry structures intelligent that they have "just go NON-U.S. Taxable." They act upon the U.S. Persons to trust the "Iron-Clad" obscurity religious text of the power and not to written document ownership of their assets or structures to the Internal Revenue Service and another agencies. This is undamaged and comfortable tax swindling and gets umteen U.S. Persons in inconvenience.

WARNING: The complexities of the U.S. religious writing require several tax television journalism and otherwise different reporting requirements. Protect yourself, net absolutely firm that you aim able office proficient legal, accounting, and tax advice until that time you conceive implementing your abroad good value lagging drawing. Contact Estate Street Partners and get the facts for halal U.S. writing procedures.

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